Barley Straw 2 -Bale/Pk

Barley Straw 2 -Bale/Pk

SUMMIT: BARLEY STRAW 2-BALES/PK Forget those bottles of chemicals and powders- clear up your pond water naturally with Clear H20 Barley Straw Treatment! Naturally biodegradable and especially designed for easy use, each mini-barley bale lasts for six months! Simply slip the bales under plants and the included cork floater and plastic netting keeps them from coming apart in your pond. Clear water without the worries! Each bale treats up to 1000 gallons of water. Instructions: Float mini-bale in your pond preferably near a waterfall or filter outlet. Do not allow mini bales to sink to the bottom! (Use included cork-floater) Allow one month for the bales to become effective. After 5 months, place a new bale next to the old one, and one month later remove the older one. For best results keep the mini-bales floating all year round.

Price: $11.30
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