Waterfall Stream Package

Waterfall Stream Package

Waterfall Stream Kit complete includes: Stonehead Falls complete kit includes: Stonehead biological waterfall filter fall measuring 29" Wide x 20" HIgh w/ 20" weir Spillway Stone 1 cu ft. bag of no-clog media 2 - 9" creeper islands w/o plants Stream package includes: 10" x 6' EDPM stream liner black waterfall foam Mega Tub Kit includes: Mega Tub Grate & Frame Pump Cage Stone-cast cap Cage ring The mega tub is made of durable virgin Polythylene and is built to last. We've equipped it to serve as a sump tub for waterfall-stream gardens. It has a grate for supporting gravel and landscape stone PVC pipe framework for supporting the grate Stainless steel and polythylene pump cage for clog free pump operation 1.5: flex PCV tubing system that exits the tub via bulkhead so as to conceal tubing with gravel/stone Pump is accessible from above the grate via a decorative stone-cast cement cap that fits neatly over the pump cage. The sump tub saves installation labor and materials over other sump systems that require rubber liners and gravel/stone fill. 56" Outside diameter (top) x 48" Outside diameter (ledge) x 30" high. Holds 235 gallons. Pump KIt includes: 3000 GPH Supreme WF Pump 20' 1.5" Flex PVC tubing Plumbing Kit When used with Stonehead Falls and liner between the two, you have the makings of a wterfall stream garden. Truck shipped

Price: $1,595.95
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