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Water garden pond

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Water garden pond

Water garden pond
In some water garden ponds, instead of raising fish, owners have grown an impressive Water Lily garden. Water Lilies are highly varied in colors, sizes, and styles of the petals and leaves. To start a water garden pond with water lilies, you will want to purchase some plastic or material pots about 10 inches in diameter.

Fill the pot up to about 2 inches from the top with loam garden soil. Gently bury the roots of the water lily into the pot, but do not cover the tuber. The tuber is the point where the lily grows from. Then you want to put about 1 to 2 inches of pea gravel or sand to keep the dirt from washing away. Again, remember to keep the gravel away from the top of the tuber.

Then you will lower the plant to about 6 inches in the water so that the tops of the leaves and flowers are above the surface of the water garden pond. Tropical water lilies can’t stand water any colder than 70° Fahrenheit, so do not start your water garden pond until late spring, unless you live in a very warm climate.


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