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Water pond designs

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Water pond designs

Water pond designsStart by thinking about other water pond designs that you have seen that you like. Check out magazines, peek in your neighbor’s yard, look for ideas online or at a local pond specialty store. This will get the wheels turning in your head and help you to know what direction you want to go in.

Usually the thing that defines your water pond is the design of the pond itself, as in the shape of the pond. The most popular shape is a kidney shape. It looks the most natural. Square or rectangular water pond designs can be interesting-looking, but the sharp corners confine water movement which is not good for your pond life. A clean healthy pond is one with constant water movement.

Also, when designing your pond don’t forget about adding items like a waterfall, fountain, or a stream leading into your pond. Nothing beats the relaxing sound of water cascading down rocks into your pond, and it adds to an overall great water pond design.

Other things to consider when designing your pond include:

· Do you want to have a lot of plants? If so, your pond will need to be in a place that receives a good amount of sunlight.
· How many fish do you want to have and what types? If you want a lot of fish then you need to build a large pond. If you decide you want Koi fish then it will need to be a large pond as well since Koi can grow to be very big.
· Do you have a dog or cat? If so, you will want to build your pond in an area where the animal can’t get at your fish. Or you could build your pond with high rocks around the edges or netting to protect your pond life.
· Last but not least, building your pond directly under a tree that looses its leaves in the fall is pretty but will require more clean up by you. Leaves and other debris can kill your pond life so you will need to clean it more often. Items like a pond skimmer or a pond rake will be useful if you decide to place your pond near trees or other large vegetation.

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